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Bubble Gum Macaron
Macaron Bubble Gum - La Marguerite

Bubble Gum Macaron

Kosher certified, dairy free, and gluten free.

Bubble gum macarons is a fun flavor which will have you wanting to blow bubbles. The perfect combination of pink & blue. Perfect for gender reveal, baby showers and much more!

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Introducing Our Award-Winning Bubble Gum Macarons

Ah, the days of being a kid… Everything was lollipops and gumdrops, or should we say, "bubble gum drops." If there’s one flavor that will transport you back to the feels of your care-free childhood and quirky imagination, then it’s gotta be the sweet, sugary taste of Bubble Gum.

You see, here at La Marguerite & Co., we’ve decided to tap into our childlike wonder and combine our award-winning macarons with our new and fun bubble gum flavored icing. Our bubble gum macarons are everything you want them to be and more. They’re brightly colored, fun, and oh so yummy. One bite and our bubble gum flavor will instantly put a smile on anyone’s face, young or old.

And here’s the best part… Our bubble gum macarons are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, and Kosher Parve. So they’re absolutely perfect for anyone who might have certain food intolerances, allergies, and preferences.

bubble gum macaron - La Marguerite

What makes La Marguerite & Co. Bubble Gum Macarons so special?

There are two secrets to our award-winning and irresistibly delicious French macarons…

First, we employ only the best, most authentic artisanal and professional pastry makers in the world. Second, we only use the finest quality ingredients to create each and every macaron.

Our bubblegum macarons are carefully crafted with gluten-free almond flour from almond meal, and then filled with a dairy-free creamy white chocolate ganache and bubble gum essence. Now, we know what you may be thinking: “Does white chocolate ganache taste good with bubble gum flavor?”

The answer: YES!

It’s like chocolate-covered strawberries and bananas. Once you’ve tasted this combo, your mind will be blown and you’ll be left craving more. Seriously, it’s that good.

But now you’re probably wondering…

Bubble Gum Essence… What’s that?

As a kid, if someone were to ask you, “What is bubble gum flavor?”, your answer would probably be something like, “I don’t know. It’s fun, sweet, and I can blow bubbles with it.” But as an adult, maybe that question now irks you… What exactly is bubble gum flavor?! Well, there’s a reason you couldn’t figure it out as a kid, and why it’s a bit hard to place as an adult… You see, the bubblegum flavour or bubblegum flavoring involves a combination of several different flavors of fruit like strawberry, banana, and cherry. Other gum companies use cinnamon, lemon, and orange in their bubblegum macarons ingredients.

Now, the iconic bubble gum flavor is sorta that strawberry-banana punch, and it’s genius. Because who doesn’t love a good strawberry-banana shake, ice cream, or smoothie? That combo is what made children fall in love with the bubble gum flavor in the first place, and it’s why adults have a nostalgic experience of their blissful childhood every time they taste it.

So that’s what bubble gum essence is all about. Well actually, the “essence” simply means an extract or concentrate of the bubble gum flavor. That’s right, you can actually buy oil-based bubble gum flavoring and add it to a bubble gum cookies recipe, or to any other sweet goodies you have in mind.

Here at La Marguerite & Co., we add a bit of a twist to the nostalgia-inducing bubble gum flavor: Our slightly addicting white chocolate ganache. So, think of that combo of strawberries and bananas, but covered with white chocolate. YUM!

Now, all of this talk about bubble gum flavor essence might have you wondering: Where did bubble gum come from in the first place? And why do we combine its flavor with our macarons?

History of bubble gum meets Macarons

Chewing gum all started with “Chicle”, a natural tree resin. That’s right, from ancient Mayans and Greeks to the Native Americans and European settlers, chewing tree resin was how people freshened their breath. Pretty cool, right? But once it got into the hands of an inventor named Thomas Adams, he started marketing the resin (or chewing gum) as a candy, known as Chiclets. Then in 1900, chewing gum was first coated with sugar by Frank Fleer, and it was called  Blibber Blubber. But the gum was too sticky, so it never really made it to the market.

Funny story… The first gumball machine made its debut in 1907. And legend has it that the invention of the gumball was actually created by an angry New Yorker who, frustrated that his gum wasn’t selling, furiously wadded up his gum, threw it across the store and it landed in a barrel full of sugar. Thus the creation of the first gumball!

True or not, it’s a great story. But what we know for sure is that in 1928, Walter Diemer accidentally invented what we know today as bubble gum. He was experimenting at Frank Fleer's gum company and developed a unique texture of chewing gum that wasn’t too sticky, but quite stretchy. It was perfect for blowing bubbles. There was just one problem: the gum was a weird grayish color. 

So Walter added the only food coloring that was available at the time: pink! And the famous “Dubble Bubble” gum was born. Since then, bubble gum has been shared with people across Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. And now, you can buy bubble gum-flavored desserts, like our La Marguerite & Co. bubblegum macarons!

But we get it… Why indulge in a tasty bubble gum macaron, when you can just chew plain ol’ bubble gum?

Let us explain…

bubble gum macaron - La Marguerite

Benefits of Bubble Gum Macarons

Since macarons first came on the scene in the early 1790’s, people have been gobbling them up left and right. Today, you’ll find macarons sold everywhere. And one of the most popular flavors just so happens to be bubble gum macarons. As luck would have it, we have a list of reasons why our customers love our bubble gum macarons…

1. Bubble gum macarons are better than chewing bubble gum

We would never dream of replacing the classic bubble gum treat. Chewing bubble gum is fun! But let’s be completely honest… Not everyone enjoys chewing gum. {Cue the GASP!} It’s alarming, we know. But it’s true.

The downfall of chewing bubble gum is that it loses its fruity taste too quickly. Before you know it, you’re left chewing flavorless rubber that slowly starts to disintegrate or toughen up. Now your jaw hurts or you have a weird, chalky texture in your mouth.

That’s where our bubble gum macarons come into play. They’re flavored just right to induce that childhood nostalgia—but without leaving a weird aftertaste or strange texture in your mouth!

2. Bubble gum macarons are fun, hassle-free party desserts

We all know the struggles and frustrations of cupcakes, cakes, ice cream, and other party desserts. They’re often messy, require party plates and utensils, and are often a nightmare to clean up.

But bubble gum macarons are the fun, festive party desserts that only require your hands. Seriously, these macarons are bite-sized pastries that are sure to get your guests singing your praises and begging you to give up the name of the awesome bakery that created such delicious, mouth-watering, and nostalgic bubble gum macarons. To which you’ll reply, “La Marguerite & Co., of course!”

3. No need for decorations with bubble gum macarons

Decorations are amazing! We love party streamers and confetti as much as the next person. But decorations can be expensive. And let’s face it, not everyone has the eye for decorations. But you don’t have to be a professional decorator to handle our bubble gum macarons. These colorful, delectable macarons are designed to brighten up any room or occasion.

Maybe you’re throwing a birthday party, a baby shower, a wedding shower, or maybe it’s a gender reveal celebration. Our bubble gum macarons are the perfect combination of pink and blue, and they just scream Inclusivity! 

4. Bubble gum macarons bring out the kid in everyone

Multi-colored macarons have a magical way about them. Just looking at them can bring a smile to your face. But there’s something about the bubble gum flavor that brings you back to the fondest memories of your childhood. That’s the kind of nostalgia you’ll experience when you consume La Marguerite & Co.’s irresistible bubble gum macarons. If the macarons’ colors don’t get you smiling, then that bubble gum taste surely will.

Which brings us to…

How to make Bubble Gum Macarons

The secret to making a delicious bubble gum macaron all boils down to following the directions in your macaron recipe book or online macaron recipe. Because making bubble gum macaron shells and filling can be tricky if you don’t have the right ingredients and equipment. Some essential kitchen pieces to have are a baking sheet, parchment paper or baking paper, a baking tray or multiple baking trays, a pastry brush, and an airtight container to store them when they're done!

If you can do that, you can make any macaron! Seriously, you can make marbled macarons that incorporate various colors and designs, or you can make fun unicorn macarons, which are colorful macarons bursting with magical flavors. You can even fill your unicorn macarons with multicolor macaron slime or a marshmallow macaron filling. That’ll be a unique unicorn macaron recipe no one’s ever seen before. But the sky’s the limit with macarons.

And if you’re looking for fun pink macaron flavors, we’ve gotta tell you that some people get really creative and do a bubble gum flavored icing on top of a unicorn macaron cake, with half the icing sugar making a fun little design using a piping bag. FUN! Our advice when making your own? Just be sure to stick to the traditional core ingredients: almond flour, egg whites, and sugar for your macaron batter (you can also include powdered sugar for a special touch!) Then build your flavors from there.

But we get it… Not everyone has the time or the desire to make their own bubble gum macarons.


Where to buy Bubble Gum Macarons?

You can buy bubble gum macarons online, from macaron shops, or from specialty bakeries. You may even find certain macarons in grocery stores. But we must warn you… Not all bubble gum macarons are made the same way. Some might not be flavored correctly, while others may contain gluten and/or dairy. Even worse, some may contain ingredients that are completely unnecessary or potentially harmful.

And since we live in a world where food sensitivities, intolerances, allergies, and other specific preferences are on the rise, it can make finding delicious desserts almost impossible. That’s why at La Marguerite & Co., we believe delicious desserts and pastries can be made with simple ingredients that are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, and certified kosher.

We always use the finest and highest quality ingredients when crafting all of our irresistible macarons. We then bake them in our state-of-the-art headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with only the best tools, not a food processor in sight. From there, we ship our macarons nationwide across Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska, all at an affordable flat rate. Or you can easily receive free shipping on orders over $69.99.

Whether you’re looking for that nostalgia-inducing bubble gum flavor, or you’re wanting your friends, family members, and acquaintances to experience a taste of their childhood, then consider our MAC & Co. Club Subscription Box.

This allows anyone to enjoy a box of our irresistible, award-winning macarons each month. You’ll receive a choice between 12, 24, or 36 macarons, some of which include our classic macarons flavors, like Hazelnut, Pistachio, and Passion Fruit. You’ll even have first dibs on our pastry chef’s top 3 new seasonal flavors each month. (Shhh… It’s only for subscription members, so it’s top secret.)

We may not have invented the joyful bubble gum flavor, but we do have the best bubble gum macarons you’ll ever eat. Just look at our top corporate clients: Coca-Cola, The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott Resorts, Four Seasons, Mercedes-Benz, and so much more.

So what are you waiting for? Re-awaken those blissful childhood feels and try La Marguerite & Co. Bubble Gum Macarons today! It’s where childlike wonder meets gourmet!